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To help high-quality installation and customer’s satisfaction, RB systems and ACE Mobility offer outstanding support to our installers via a host of exceptionally-written technical manuals of our products.
We offer these technical manuals to registered installers only.
Select the technical manuals needed, fill in your Identifying information, read and confirm (I agree) terms and conditions, and SUBMIT the form.
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RB Systems and ACE Mobility Trading Terms and Conditions


All purchase orders and products delivered are subject to RB Systems and ACE Mobility Trading Terms and Conditions.


Prices and Delivery

All delivery expenses of goods supplied are at the customer’s cost.

RB Systems and ACE Mobility shall be entitled to change the prices list from time to time due to any exchange rate fluctuations, overseas freight charges, any government charges imposed, or any other reason that views as necessary.

A new price list will be published a minimum of three weeks from the effective date, it is the customer’s responsibility to check periodically for the valid price list, RB Systems, and ACE Mobility will not send personal messages notes of new price lists.

RB Systems and ACE Mobility undertakes the deliver the goods requested with minimal possible delay (subject to current stock availability) and will employ reliable track and trace shipping.

RB Systems and ACE Mobility will not be responsible for any delays resulting from such, or any third party’s negligence, or any consequential loss arising from shipping delays. The risk of any goods supplied by the supplier shall pass to the customer upon receipt of delivery of the goods.

Ownership of goods

Ownership, title, and property of the products will only be transferred to the purchaser/customer when full payment is due in respect of the purchase.


Term of payment: Pre-Pay net Bank transfer (all bank transfer costs to be paid by the customers).

Product kits provided are supplied for standard installations only.

In the event of the customer failing to make the payment on time for any reason; (1) RB Systems and ACE Mobility may hold future shipments. (2) The customer shall pay interest on the remaining payment at a 2% above the rate of overdraft charged to the supplier by its banker. (3) Continued noncompliance will result in the account being closed and legal action taken to recover the amounts outstanding. (4) All costs of collection, including debt collector’s fees, solicitor’s fees, etc. will be added to the account


All shipment would be door to door unless other shipping instructions received.

Returns Policy

It is important to us that all goods supplied to our customers are in excellent condition and without fault.

Please note that all orders are supplied on a firm sale basis. However, in the event that your order is supplied incorrectly or you receive it in a damaged condition, please contact us within seven days of receipt, stating your order number, order date and description of the problem so that we can authorize a return of the affected item(s).

Upon receiving authorization, returns should be directed according to the authorization instructions and address mentioned.

The cost of returning such goods is the customer’s responsibility.

We cannot accept responsibility or provide a refund for any item that has sustained damage or loss during transit to us. Therefore we strongly recommend all authorized returns should be sent by registered post or by track and trace couriers that provide insurance.


RB Systems and ACE Mobility warranty apply for 16 months from the shipping date and not more than 12 months from the installation date.

The company warranty covers malfunction, failure, or manufacturing faults of the product(s). In such a case, the decision of whether the company replaces or repairs the product(s) is solely at its discretion and will be determined based on the nature of the claim. The repaired or replaced product(s) will be provided with minimal delay.

Contract Terms & Conditions

When RB Systems and ACE Mobility accept an order from a customer, a contract is made with RB Systems and ACE Mobility. RB Systems and ACE Mobility total liability in contract, tort (including negligence or breach of statutory duty) misrepresentation or otherwise, arising in connection with the performance or contemplated performance of this contract shall be limited to the price payable by the purchaser in respect of the contract. RB Systems and ACE Mobility shall not be liable to the customer or any third party for any indirect or consequential loss or damage (whether for loss of profit, loss of business, depletion of goodwill or otherwise), costs, expenses or other claims for consequential compensation whatsoever and howsoever caused which arise out of or in connection with the contract.

RB Systems and ACE Mobility hereby declare, and the customer hereby confirms that he understands and is aware and accepts the risk of any consequence that may arise from the following; (1) None of the products are approved for installation by vehicle manufacturers and/or vehicle importers. (2) Some of the products may not meet any international and/or industrial and/or automotive standards. (3) Some of the new products that may become available are a prototype for trial and therefore have never been tested before on vehicles. (4) RB Systems and ACE Mobility maximum liability under any circumstances will be no higher than the cost of the product

Purchaser Obligation and Declaration

Installation of RB Systems and ACE Mobility products must be undertaken only by an authorized installer as specified in the installation guide.

The purchaser, therefore, declares that the installer appointed to undertake the installation has the trade and legal authorization, possessing all the necessary knowledge, certifications, and experience required to work on and modify the vehicle’s electrical systems.

Maximum caution and safety must be taken during installation when handling sophisticated micro-electronic units.

Diagrams and Connection tables

All diagnostic charts, connection tables, and diagrams are supplementary to the products installation manual. Performing connections and programming must adhere to the manual instructions and guidelines.

RB Systems and ACE Mobility supply these installations guides in good faith as part of our support. Many connection tables have been provided by other installers, therefore, RB Systems and ACE Mobility accepts no responsibility for any errors or emissions and recommend dealers to double check the connections to ensure accuracy. Nevertheless, ownership of these diagnostics in full or in part remain the property of RB Systems and ACE Mobility and may not be forwarded to any other party without permission.