RB Systems Group is thrilled to introduce the Kia Carnival / Sedona fully supported with primary and secondary kits

It is here, the Kia Carnival / Sedona fully supported!!!

Now your Kia Carnival / Sedona door-ramp can be controlled by our innovation products. Our door-ramp controller offers: operation from the vehicle original key, can be activated from other input-devices inside the vehicle.  And of course, our secondary and comfort function such as: left/right signal, high/low beam, horn, front wipers, all door lock/unlock, driver and passenger windows- open/close, mirrors fold/ extend, parking brake, and many more.

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R.B Systems Ltd. was founded in 1995 (under the name American Office Ltd.). It was founded by Mr. Doron Mishor for the development and manufacture of advanced electronic products which have since become well respected in residential and commercial industry Over the years R.B Systems has gained a worthy reputation in ‘state of the art’ electronic technology. The company’s product reliability and personalised customer service has secured them good standing with their cliental.

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