Welcome to R.B Systems Ltd.

R.B Systems Ltd. was founded in 1995 (under the name American Office Ltd.). It was founded by Mr. Doron Mishor for the development and manufacture of advanced electronic products which have since become well respected in residential and commercial industry Over the years R.B Systems has gained a worthy reputation in 'state of the art' electronic technology. The company's product reliability and personalised customer service has secured them good standing with their cliental.


One area which was brought to Dorons' attention was the apparent gap between the advancement of computer electronics in vehicles, and the solutions offered for the disabled driver's demands. It became clear that a device that was compatible with the most sophisticated of vehicle configurations was required. A device that would also increase the safety and convenience for the disabled driver. R.B Systems Ltd accepted the challenge to supply a reliable solution. Our goal was not only to provide the solution, but to remain the "flagship" of this technology, as and when it changes, and in doing so, consistently provide an ongoing service to the Disabled Driver industry. Accordingly, we have established a close working relationship with many car manufactures to maintain 'up to the minute' information on any changes to their electrical configurations. This means our support to our customers for installation instructions is reliable and current.


The technology in this device is new and unique. Signaller allows up to 10 different functions: Turn (R/L) signals, Horn, Lights (high/low beam), Front Window Wipers, and Rear Wipers. All or any combination of these can be activated according to individual clients requirements. The Keypad or Wireless Keypad can be installed on either the existing disability hardware (ie. Accelerator/Brake hand controls) or even the Steering Wheel by using the RF wireless option. The functions of the keypad are activated easily by using only the one finger, thus maintaining driver control of the steering at all times. Signaller is designed to increase driver safety because the simple functions such as indicating for turning, or activating the Horn etc is achieved from the one convenient location. The Signaller's Keypad lights up automatically with other interior gauges for night driving

The technology

The Signaller is a unique and sophisticated micro computer device that affords the driver user-friendly and safe control over the vehicle's electrical functions, from a single location. Signaller was developed using advanced "state of the art" micro-technology to ensure a reliability that comes only with quality engineering, meeting the safety requirements outlined by Govt Transportation Standards. Signaller is unique in that is does not interfere with the most advanced safety and/or interior computer technologies (CAN BUS) resident in most modern vehicles today. It is designed specifically to operate with the most sophisticated of current vehicle electronic computer systems. Despite its High-Tec attributes, Signaller maintains the advantage of being easy to install in most vehicles.

Programmable software & Easy Installation

Signaller is designed for easy installation. Our "Plug and Play" connections promise quick installation. (Can bus installations achieved within 45 minutes). Inherent powerful software includes 15x programmable features to ensure individual driver comfort and satisfaction.