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Joy Spinner

The unique JoySpinner, is a spinner knob with a built-in Remote Control joy stick for secondary driving operation.
The remote-control JoySpinner knob communicates via RF (Radio Frequency) with various RB Signaller interfaces.

Spider Network System

Spider Network System - HC-15 / HC-9

The Spider (HC-15, HC-9) digital keyboard is a modular control network compatible with most disable drivers applications for Standard (RELAY) and / or Can-Bus configured vehicles. There are two available keypads: HC-15 (a 15-button keyboard) and HC-9 (a 9-button keyboard) The Spider network is designed to control most vehicle functions from a single comfortable location. Using series of specific RB interfaces connected via RB proprietary CanBus protocol the network is super flexible and powerful. As a result of its powerful software, programmable features and modularity, the new Spider HC-15 or HC-9 is the most flexible and versatile electronic keyboard driving aid available today.


Signaller is a CanBus or Relay connection secondary driving control system.
Up to 17x electrical driving functions from one easy, quick installation location.
A Hybrid system with many operational controlled inputs:
Illuminated keypads and/or RF (radio frequency) remote control and/or standard push bump buttons.


TapGear is a new innovation driving aid setting the industry standard for "Electronic Gear Shift Control" applications – utilizing the finest in electronic technology. TapGear can be installed into any vehicle equipped with an automatic transmission, providing control of all gear positions, including Tiptronic control or Overdrive - all from one simple installation.

Remote Control

Vehicle Access Remote Control Open and close Doors, raise and lower Hosts and chair Elevators automatically from anywhere.
Up to 5x Functions with universal RF remote control.


signaller for disable drivers

RB systems HandBrake Controller device specially designed for hand brake actuator control.

Spinner Knob

signaller for disable drivers

This professional RB-Systems Spinner Knobs is specially designed for disabled drivers who have difficulty turning the steering wheel, it is also very popular among truck drivers as it helps reduce tension and make long hours driving easy