TapGear is a new innovation driving aid setting the industry standard for "Electronic Gear Shift Control" applications – utilizing the finest in electronic technology. TapGear can be installed into any vehicle equipped with an automatic transmission, providing control of all gear positions, including Tiptronic control or Overdrive - all from one simple installation.


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TapGear system is a "stand-alone" application controlled via its HC-6 keyboard.
TapGear precise servomotor movement replaces the factory gearshift mechanism lever. The servomotor system travels from Park to Drive fast and accurately by manipulating the lower gear positions digitally; simply press the desired key button and the TapGear will do the shift for you directly to the desired gear. TapGear is the only unit available that will automatically manage the vehicle Tiptronic system for both Canbus and standard switch technology.

TapGear System features

- Illuminated icon for gear position indication.
- Keyboard back-lit night view.
- Easy to press quality silicone buttons.
- Active sound knowledge / alerts.
- Programmable up to 4 low (manual) gear positions.
- Overdrive gear control support.
- CanBus Tiptronic control (vehicle specific versions).
- Switch Tiptronic control (for any relay gearbox system).
- Safety brake pedal feature.
- Safety door open feature.
- Parking gear positions output.
- Optional external switch.
- On-failure manual control feature.