Spinner Knobs

This professional RB-Systems Spinner Knobs is specially designed for disabled drivers who have difficulty turning the steering wheel, it is also very popular among truck drivers as it helps reduce tension and make long hours driving easy

RB-Spinner Knobs

signaller for disable drivers RB-33 JoySpinner

RB systems is proud to present a new line of Spinner knobs.
The two sizes Mushroom style and new Round (ball) design knobs allow everyone to choose the one shape and size knob to fit their abilities and comfortable grip.

RB-Spinner Knob Kit includes:

- Duroplast Knob swith stainless steel axle
- Super strong Acetal BandBase with quick release button
- Two stainless steel bands with unique banding feature
- Bolts & Nuts

signaller for disable drivers RB-33 JoySpinner

RB-Spinner Knob options:

- 50mm Mushroom style knob
- 44mm Mushroom style knob
- 46mm Round(ball) design knob

RB- BandBase

signaller for disable drivers RB-33 JoySpinner

The BandBase easily mounted at any position on the wheel for left and right hand drivers, with unique banding feature it fits almost ANY steering wheels shape and size.
It has a very strong grip tension when mounted on the steering wheel, but leaves very little marks on the steering wheel when disassembled The spinner knob can very easily be removed by simply pressing the Quick Release button and pulling the spinner knob out