Signaller is a CanBus or Relay connection secondary driving control system.
Up to 17x electrical driving functions from one easy, quick installation location.
A Hybrid system with many operational controlled inputs:
Illuminated keypads and/or RF (radio frequency) remote control and/or standard push bump buttons.

Signallers Functionality

- Turn signals (Right / Left)
- Horn
- High beam flash
- High beam / Low beam switching
- Up to 3 speed Front Window Wipers
- Front window Washer
- Hazard signals
- Rear Wiper & Rear OR Fog lamps OR Cruise control OR '+/-' Tiptronic

Signaller activation Options

HC-6 – A 6 button hard-wired illuminated console Keypad. All buttons are silicone rubber icon switches and back-lit for night viewing. HC-6 can activate up to 12 electrical functions and is also used for RB products Programming and diagnostics. read more..

HC-5R – A 5 button hard- wired, round, illuminated keypad device capable of 10 electrical functions.

RC-5 – A 5 button RF Remote Control keypad. RC-5 is a stand-alone unit powered by a lithium battery (lasting 18 month). It can to be mounted to the steering wheel or to a Spinner knob adaptor for easy operation. RC-5 is capable of operating 10 electrical functions. read more..

HC-3 - A light-Signaller (and much cheaper) option enabling 3 functions. One green cap toggle switch and one red push button will enable 3 functions (Left-Right signaling and one of Horn/Wipers/Lights at choice)

HC-6 Input Control

Note: This is the complete function list. The actual function list may be change and depend of the specific vehicle model and year (Contact RB Systems for specific information).