Remote Control

Vehicle Access Remote Control Open and close Doors, raise and lower Hosts and chair Elevators automatically from anywhere.
Up to 5x Functions with universal RF remote control.

Remote Control Options

RC5 – 5 push buttons keypad Remote Control

RC2 – 2 push buttons keypad Remote Control

RC5 Functions

- 5 Function Remote Control
- Two pre-programmed remote units included
- Digital Rolling Code communication protocol
- Easy to use
- Easy to Install

RC2 Functions

- 2 ground active output lines (up to 100mA. each).
- 2 button Radio frequency small key-ring transmitters.
- Secure Digital rolling code technology.
- Operational from 2x RC-2 Remote Control key-ring transmitters.
- Programmable Relay mode options for all Relays.

Note: This is the complete function list. The actual function list may be change and depend of the specific vehicle model and year (Contact RB Systems for specific information).