The unique JoySpinner, is a spinner knob with a built-in Remote Control joy stick for secondary driving operation.
The remote-control JoySpinner knob communicates via RF (Radio Frequency) with various RB Signaller interfaces

JoySpinner (RB-33)

The JoySpinner(RB-33) is designed for you to easily activate Signaller's functions by using only your thumb or finger. Like the vehicles existing electrical functions, JoySpinner (RB-33) will operate as soon as the ignition is turned on. Ergonomically designed and compact in size for comfortable use, this JoySpinner (RB-33) supports up to 12 x functions using a 4x way joystick and 2x push buttons. The JoySpinner (RB-33) can easily be release from it's quick-release bracket (BandBase) providing easy usage for multiple drivers.

JoySpinner (RB-33) Functions

signaller for disable drivers RB-33 JoySpinner signaller for disable drivers RB-33 JoySpinner

- Turn signals (Right /Left)
- Horn
- High beam flash
- High beam / Low beam switching
- Up to 3 speed Front Window Wipers
- Front window washer
- Hazard signals
- Rear Wiper & Rear OR Fog lamps OR Cruise control.

JoySpinner (RB-33) Specifications

- Digital Radio Frequency communication
- Unique digital ID (for interference protection)
- Up to 18 month battery life time
- Low Battery LED indication.
- Programmable operation function
- Quick release mounting
- Ergonomically designed
- Compact size